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Logging in is not required to use this app but if you do so then your lists can be sync'd across all your devices.

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Re-Sync Lists

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Your ToDo Lists will be synced to our server and also to any other devices you have set up to sync.


  • Swipe on the edge of the screen or on the list title to switch between lists.
  • Swipe from the middle of the screen to mark an item done or undone.
  • Double tap anywhere on the screen to add a new item.
  • Pinch and zoom to show and hide done items.
  • Tap and hold on list title to rename or delete list.
  • When you are logged in and Syncing your lists a bar will display at the bottom of the screen. Green means all is good, red means something has gone wrong.


This mobile web app is inteded to complement the desktop version to TodoListMe (found at It is intended that the majority of the management of your lists will be done on the desktop whilst this mobile version will be used mostly for ticking items off your lists while on the go. We have deliberately left out features on the mobile version in the interest of making it as simple and efficient to use as possible.


Reset lists

Clicking the button above will clear all your lists.

Do so with caution.

Clear Done Items
Delete This List
Add New List

The system believes the lists on the server are newer than those you have locally on your device.

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Overwrite lists on my device with those I have on the server
Upload lists on my device to the server
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